DXRacer Gaming Tank series – the biggest chairs with extra sitting space

“Ginormous chairs for giants”, that is what you can think at the sight of these fabulous DXRacer versions. They are really big, so they have such a series name. If you have really gross constitution, that’s your choice. But be ware of buying these DXRacers if your weight is less than 200 kg and your height is less than 200 cm. If not, you risk to sink in the DXRacer Gaming Tank literally. There are 94 cm back, 60 cm seat, 46 cm base, 61 cm crossbeam (in diameter), a DXRacer extra heavy duty mechanism, 2 changeable gas lifts, super stable DXRacer micro-molecule foam filling material, 3D adjustable long arms… Be careful, just in case!

You can buy a DXRacer Tank TC29 (black) or a DXRacer Tank TC29 + Color (black and green/white/red/blue) gaming model.


  • Guaranteed high quality
  • Recommended user height – max 200 cm
  • Maximum safe load is 204 kg
  • Heavy-duty metal structure
  • Super high and wide, very soft chairback and seat
  • Adjustable slope angle (the cap is 120 degrees)
  • Strong aluminium five-pointed base
  • Quiet polyurethane casters


  • Low quality covering (imitation leather and nubuck leather in sets)
  • Ultra heavy weight

Our verdict about the Gaming chairs of DXRacer is: if you are a cyber sportsman or you used to sit in front of the computer for longer periods, one of the DXRacer Gaming series chairs must become yours. These full featured DXRacer furniture versions with ventilation back cutouts and lateral support are really usable under such conditions. And it is important to notice that all the DXRacer Gaming chairs have the same shape of the back and the seat. They are identic in the context of practical comfort. So if you want to buy a DXRacer Gaming item you should compare functional characteristics and specific styling details of the different DXRacer chairs. Your DXRacer selecting simplifies significantly as a result. Well, don’t be scared and get a DXRacer modern chair to be a winner.

DXRacer OH/FH11/N Formula Series

Easy assembling, comfort and flawless appearance.

That’s another DXracer chair from one of the most popular series ever produced by the company – Formula series. It combines the functionality of an ideal office seat and the ergonomic design of the best racing car seats. It’s designed for the users weighing no more than 180 lbs. You can be up to 178 cm to use this chair.


  • Two supporting cushions in the set;
  • All of the elements are movable and adjusted for the desired sitting position and healthy spine support;
  • Created for users weighing up to 81 kg with 5.10 feet height;
  • Original long-lasting DXracer shaping foam of high density in the seat;
  • Firm construction including a full metal framing, basement with five wheels able to turn in every direction on any type of floor covering with a flexible back able to recline almost flat.


  • Lifetime warranty + 2 years warranty for the parts and 1 year warranty for the accessories.
  • Widest variety of designs every suggested by the company.
  • This DXracer model of Formula series will be a nice fit for competitive gamers spending more than 15 hours a day with their video games.


  • Original parts and additional elements cannot be changed for renewed ones – DXracer doesn’t give their users a chance to change parts for themselves.
  • Raised sides of the chair may feel a bit tight for people with wide thighs.
  • Designed for slim people with athletic built. Be attentive if some of your guests or friends tries it on without asking – the chair is able to hold a limited weight, remember it.

DXracer chair out of the Formula series are usually in stock and you won’t have to wait for your order for too long unless you decide to preorder a personal design.

DXRacer OH/FH11/NP Formula Series

No back pains and feeling of heaviness in arms combined with an ergonomic design and incredibly stylish look.

This DXracer chair out of the Formula series has a lot more to offer than a stylish appealing look. It has wing for more control of your seat, it’s created with the use of soft and long-lasting materials and it has a lifetime warranty. Moreover, Formula series suggests the widest variety of designs possible. The chair can hold users weighing no more than 180 lbs. with 178 cm height. Pay attention that people with certain body type can use it. Don’t let each and every one use your DXracer chair if you want it to last a lifetime.


  • Cushions are included in the set to provide you with lumbar and head support;
  • All elements are flexible and fixed in a desired position;
  • Mesh, shaping foam and other materials used in the design are very strong;
  • Perfect for users weighing no more than 81 kg with 5.10 feet height.


  • Wide choice of designs and coloring options in Formula DXracer series. The construction of each of the chairs in the series is basically the same.
  • More elements can be adjusted (a footrest, for instance). However, not all of the adjustable elements are included in the purchase in addition to the pillows.
  • In stock almost all of the time due to the high popularity of this DXracer model.


  • The adjustable elements can’t be changed for renewed ones.
  • Quite a lot of users agree that this model is fully comfortable except for the armrests – they could have been softer.

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